Mutually supportive, active living, because the best is yet to be!

Our mission...

We are active seniors who desire to live within the city of Chattanooga in a mutually supportive, simplified, economical community, in a building that is sustainably designed and operated.

Our goals...

A cooperative, economical living situation that promotes an active, healthy lifestyle for up to 12 individuals. The plan will allow residents to:

  • Avoid long-term institutional care
  • Live together in a facility with a large central area and six attached private units
  • Employ assistants to provide basic housekeeping, driving, and personal aid as needed
  • Demonstrate this style of living for our neighborhood and the community at large.

Each person joining our community will commit to a cooperative consensus lifestyle with frequent interaction with the other co-housing members, including some shared meals. Each will recognize that differences of opinion are a natural part of social interaction, and commit to conflict resolution processes by consensus when necessary.

The initiators have created a set of proposed policies. These policies are still in development and will remain so until all participants who will join this special community are in place, are able to give input, and the community as a whole can make final decisions.


Consensus is a process by which a group reaches agreements that are truly satisfactory to all members.

Senior means 55+ years of age.

Secure refers to physical, emotional, and financial security.

Sustainably designed means utilizing environmentally friendly building standards and design.

Urban... we intend to locate within walking distance of urban amenities.

Active lifestyle... enjoying mobility to the extent possible within age and physical limitations; willingness to expand one's knowledge and outlook on life, and willingnesss to respect differing views.

Economical... our plan is to share the costs of owning and operating the residence, including utilities, property taxes, insurance, and city services. Another economy is the sharing of supplies, tools, equipment and food costs. Over time, our goal is to have three fuel-efficient vehicles to serve all our transportation needs.

Initiators... as of this writing, the initiators and project planners are Charles Hughes and Jay Ku; Finn and Jeanne Bille; and Sue and Bill Reynolds.

Some facility ideas... be located withing walking distance of urban amenities in Chattanooga.

Please note that these sketches are informal concepts of our projected facility. The actual design plan for the building will depend on whether we build on undeveloped land or remodel an existing building. We, the members of the start-up group, look forward to new members participating with us in creating the project's ultimate building design! Drawings will be added as developed.

Sample Sketch of Facility

Sample Sketch of Facility

Each private unit will accommodate a relatively generous bedroom and bathroom and modest sitting room/kitchenette, and will be approximately 600–800 square feet in size.

The common space will include living, dining, and kitchen space (open and connected) with separate rooms for music, TV, library, laundry, workshop, exercise-activity area, storage, and guest quarters. The entire common area is anticipated to be approximately 4,000–6,000 square feet.

Once again, these are our beginning thoughts. If these concepts appeal to you, come join us and share your ideas with us!

The staff...

At the beginning, there will be limited outside assistance. Over time — as our needs change — CCSH anticipates that the duties listed below would eventually be handled by staff and/or shared by other members.

Check supplies   Grocery shopping
Sweep & mop floors as needed   Pharmacy, drugstore stops
Laundry (2 loads daily)   Drive members on errands and to appointments
Assist with cooking (dinner, mainly)   Heavy laundry
Arrange, monitor, and supervise thorough cleaning of facility   Help with entertaining on an occasional basis
Pay bills   Aid with computer skills
Grocery shopping   Arrange for IT assistance
Light clean-up (clear sink, tables, chairs and counters in living area after meals   Call for and arrange for repair work for appliances, plumbing, electrical, sewer, water, etc.


Costs involved...

The anticipated investment for ownership of the private units and common areas is $250,000 to $350,000, depending on the size of the private unit.

The monthly maintenance fees could run $1,000 to $2,000 per unit and, if so, would include household upkeep (including staff, taxes, insurance, and shared utilities); it would not cover the cost of food.

Please note that all of our proposed policies are provisional until we have the complete membership together, and make final community decisions by consensus.

  • Left to right: Charles Hughes, Jay Ku, Jeanne & Finn Bille
  • Left to right: Sue Reynolds, Jay Ku & Jeanne Bille
  • Sue & Bill Reynolds
  • Finn Bille
  • Charles Hughes & Finn Bille
  • Jay Ku & Jeanne Bille
  • Jay Ku and her family
  • Left to right: Jeanne Bille, Finn Bille, Charles Hughes, Bill Reynolds; front: Jay Ku
  • Bill and Sue Reynolds
  • Bill Reynolds
  • Sue Reynolds
  • Jay Ku
  • Charles Hughes
  • Left to right: Charles Hughes, Jeanne & Finn Bille
  • Finn Bille
  • Finn Bille
  • Jeanne Bille
  • Jay Ku and Charles Hughes
  • Jay Ku
  • Clockwise from left: Finn Bille, Charles Hughes, Bill Reynolds, Jay Ku, Jeanne Bille (with her back to the photographer)
  • Sandy Kurtz
  • Bill Kurtz
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